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"The Calgary Stampede Parade every July was a special day with my grandmother. We would start early to get downtown with our lawn chair and thermos of tea to find our favorite spot in the sun. We both loved horses and there were always more than 500 horses of all different breeds in the parade.That was the first time we saw the beautiful majestic Spanish stallion Banderin GF in the parade. He was so white, shiny, almost glowing in the sunlight. His presence was so regal, proud and noble, performing for the huge crowds. We all fell in love with him and every year my grandmother would say, "That is the horse that I come to see"

           - Deb Erickson


Deb has trained & successfuly ridden Classical Dressage for more than 10 years. Dominique Barbier, Classical Master student of the late Nuno Oliviera, visits to share his knowledge & expertise advancing the education of horse and rider. 

WE United recognize Deb as and adult educator, Licensed  "L" Judge, Technical Delegate & clinician. 

Training is focused on relationship building in a non stressful environment and progresses slowly with a balance of love and discipline. Each horse is evaluated as an individual, progressing into classical dressage training, trail riding, performances, parades, working equitation and Doma Vaquera. We work closely with our clients to ensure each horse has chosen a partner that loves and respects them as we do.

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