Upcoming Events

 Classical Dressage Clinic
August 8-10, 2020  with Dominque Barbier





Direction, Rhythm, Impulsion, Lightness

Developing the young horse to finessing the advanced horse through the journey of enlightenment.

Books by Dominque Barbier available are:

"Riding With Nuno", "Dressage For The New Age", "Meditation for Two", "Alchemy of Lightness"

Experience Classical Dressage to prepare the horse & rider for

Working Equitation 

Please contact Deb for more information or to reserve a spot in an upcoming clinic!



Auditing Fee


1 Day- $50.00 CAD

3 Days - $120.00 CAD


Includes coffee/tea and snacks, hot lunch included.


Rider Fee

3 Days, 2 private lessons each day - $1200.00 CAD

1 Day, 2 private lessons - $400.00 CAD

Each lesson - $200.00 CAD


Price includes coffee/tea, snacks, hot lunch.

Boarding available, please contact us to reserve a spot!




         1 Day Auditor 


3 Days Auditor


1 Day with 2 riding lessons


3 Days with 2 riding lessons each day 


    Working Equitation

Working Equitation Clinic & Schooling Show     
    2020 June 27-28, July 11-12, August 1-2


Friday:  6-8pm   Theory presentation & discussion of rules & scoring for beginners. $20/person includes snack.

                All levels welcome. All ages. Any breed. Any tack. Come learn the obstacles, practice, and have fun!

Saturday Clinic: 0900-1600 Dressage Phase, set up obstacles, course walk, lunch break, Ease of Handling. 

                 Maximum 12 Riders $100/day. Auditor $25/day. Fee includes haul in fee & Lunch/snacks.

                 1st Group 0900-1030, 2nd Group 1030-1200, Lunch Break, 3rd Group 1300-1430, 4th Group 1430-1600

SundaySchooling Show 

  Dressage Phase: 0900-1130,   Course Walk,    Lunch Break 1230-1330,   Ease of Handling 1330-1530, Speed 1530-1600  

  Maximum 16 Riders $100/day includes haul in fee & lunch. 

  Auditors $25/person/day. Includes coffee, snacks & lunch.               

                                   To reserve your spot email:deb@highlandstable.com & etransfer your fee   password: working