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 Classical Dressage Clinic 
Fall of 2021 with Dominque Barbier





Direction, Rhythm, Impulsion, Lightness

Developing the young horse to finessing the advanced horse through the journey of enlightenment.

Books by Dominque Barbier available are:

"Riding With Nuno", "Dressage For The New Age", "Meditation for Two", "Alchemy of Lightness"

Experience Classical Dressage to prepare the horse & rider for

Working Equitation 

Please contact Deb for more information or to reserve a spot in an upcoming clinic!



Auditing Fee


1 Day- $50.00 CAD

3 Days - $120.00 CAD


Includes coffee/tea and snacks, hot lunch included.


Rider Fee

3 Days, 2 private lessons each day - $1200.00 CAD

1 Day, 2 private lessons - $400.00 CAD

Each lesson - $200.00 CAD


Price includes coffee/tea, snacks, hot lunch.

Boarding available, please contact us to reserve a spot!




         1 Day Auditor 


3 Days Auditor


1 Day with 2 riding lessons


3 Days with 2 riding lessons each day 


    Working Equitation

Working Equitation Schooling Show Series WECochrane
July 23-25, Aug 20-22, Oct 2-3 
Highland Stable Clinic  July 10, Aug 7, Sept 3:  New to the Sport
Highland Stable Clinic
 July 11, Aug 8, Sept 4:  Advance in the Sport

  We follow all AHS Covid precautions. Dates subject to change based on AB Gov restrictions.

                All levels welcome. All ages. Any breed. Any tack. Come learn the obstacles, practice, and have fun!

 Clinic: 0800-1200 Group 1 Dressage Phase, coffee break, course walk, Ease of Handling. Max 8 riders

                 1300-1700 Group 2 Dressage Phase, coffee break, course walk, Ease of Handling. Max 8 riders

                  Riders $100/day. Auditor $25/day. Fee includes haul in fee & coffee/snack.

                  Limited stalls/paddock available $25/day.  Pay by etransfer: deb@highlandstable.com

WECochrane Schooling Show at Highland Stable:

Group 1 0800 Dressage Phase, 0900-0915 Coffee Break. 0915-0945 Course Walk 1000-1230 Ease of Handling

 Group 2 1300 Dressage Phase, 1415 Coffee Break  1430-1500 Course Walk  1515-1630 Ease of Handling

                1630 Speed Phase         Maximum 12 Riders day  Auditors welcome.

             Register at:  wequcochrane@gmail.com  send etransfer to: wequcochrane@gmail.com  password wecochrane

  Horses must have vaccinations up to date & negative coggins test. Limited stabling available.

Riders must do AHS Covid19 self screen. Clean your hands, sign in and out, maintain social distance 2m & wear a mask.