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Milagro Estimado

1999 Pure Spanish Gelding

Haraposa x Merlin 



Over the years "Esti" has developed his own fan club and for good reason. Everywhere he goes he turns heads with his beautiful big white tail. He is a very happy , sweet, kind horse, and a great teacher. He enjoys the piaffe and has great fun with tempi changes. Currently enjoying his training for Grand Prix. Estimado teamed up to compete in the FEI Young Rider Division in 2013 and finished as the Alberta Provinical Champion and Reserve Champion for Western Canada.   

Milagro Confiado

1998 Pure Spanish Gelding

Haraposa x El Santo MC



Confiado is the ambassador for the Pure Spanish Horse and our most well known performer. He has been seen on tv, advertisements, promoted the breed in parades, Breeds of the World, and competed in Dressage. He is always happy to try any equestrian discipline including trail, doma vaquero, and jumping. 



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