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" When we approach the horse with love in our heart, he will respond in kind."

                                                                                          - Dominique Barbier, The Alchemy of Lightness

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      Highland Stable training horses with a focus in French Classical Dressage  and Working Equitation in a relaxed, calm, inspiring atmosphere.

All horses, regardless of age and training, are always started with longeing and groundwork, progressing to being mounted once they are physically and mentally prepared. 

Horses are exposed to obstacles in a calm relaxed environment to build confidence and skills.  Patience and time build horses that will live healthy long productive lives. 


    Part and Full-time training available.

Part time training 2-3 days/week $400.00

Full time training 4-5 days/week $800.00

Single training session $50.00



Horseback Riding Lessons 


      Our focus at Highland Stable is to bring a greater awareness to the prinicples of French Classical Dressage and Working Equitation.  Students will learn the effectiveness of lungeing and groundwork, which will ultimately lead to understanding the feeling of lightness under saddle. We welcome riders of all levels and ages.


Horseback riding lesson fee:

       Lesson on your own horse $50.00

       Lesson on our school horse $60.00

A commitment of four lessons for all new students is recommended.  


          All horses must have recent negative Coggins test, up to date  vaccinations & deworming.


Working Equitation Clinics & Schooling Shows

Events that are held regularly to advance riders and horses in this exciting sport.

Monthly Ease of Handling practice prepares the rider and horse to approach their work calmly and with relaxation and skill. 

Deb Erickson is a recognized USAWE "L"judge and "Technical Delegate"

Her course design challenges the horse and rider to develop and grow their skills and knowledge and become more confident and successful .

Deb is available as a consultant and clinician for any group wishing to learn Working Equitation.

Horse Boarding


      The indoor riding hall is cool in the summer and warm in the winter with geothermal heat and bright natural lighting. Paddocks for outdoor horse board and large open box stalls for indoor board. The monthly board fee includes feed, handling, blanketing, daily turn out and very large 8' tall 3' wide 3'deep private tack locker.  Easy access for horse trailers hauling in with large area to turn around. Safe horse trailer parking for boarders. Riding time priority for boarders who are enrolled in our  lesson program and/or have your horse in training.


All horses must have a recent negative Coggins test, up to date vaccinations & deworming.


Indoor stall 12 x 12 stall with daily turnout - $900.00/month +gst

Private paddock-    $625.00/month +gst

Outdoor paddock - $450.00/month +gst





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